Hire one of our graduates

If you are looking for a qualified Child Therapeutic Child Wellbeing Practitioner we may be able to link you to one of our graduates who has completed the all three levels of training in the portfolio of courses over a period of three years.


Coming from a wide range of relevant backgrounds our graduates each offer a unique set of knowledge and skills.


Child Therapeutic Child Wellbeing Practitioners are informed by:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding

  • Children’s Rights

  • Child Development

  • Attachment Theory

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Affective Neuroscience

  • Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Wellbeing (informed by youth work, social work, mental health, therapy and education)

  • Multi-agency Practice

  • Life Story Work

  • Advocacy

  • Mindfulness and Compassion

  • Child-centered Play Principles

  • Facilitation Techniques

  • Positive Psychology

  • Second Wave Positive Psychology

  • Creative Leadership and Community Wellbeing

  • Emotional Literacy and Affective Education

  • Inter-cultural competencies for Working with Difference

  • Working with Diversity, Adversity and Complexity

  • Anti-Discriminatory and Anti-Oppressive Practice

  • Applied Therapeutic Thinking,

  • Therapeutic Communication Skills,

  • Fostering Resilience and Recovery

  • The Common Assessment Framework,

  • Early Intervention, Care Planning, Team Around the Child

  • Report Writing and Case Presentation

  • Codes of Ethics, Conduct and Practice

"The knowledge I have gained helped me to better engage relationally with and support children and young people, their families and the community, I have developed skills to work interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and multi- agency within organisations. I have been able to reference theory that underpins my practice and better able to support my self and my own well-being as well. The outcomes have been extensive."


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